Process Modeling Process Modeling

BPMS is technological platform that includes process modeling and development tools, execution engine and monitoring capabilities.

Process Modeling capabilities are provided by Bonita Studio. Bonita Studio is a very powerfull tool to model business process in BPMN notation.

New Connector-based technology makes integration quick and easy.

UI Development UI Development

User Interface can be developed by Bonita Studio. You can just draw UI using visual components.

Rich palette of visual component provide rapid development of user interface for business processes.

Collaboration Collaboration

Portal helps users to interact with each other in business processes as actors and/or initiators.

Portal contains Content Management System that provides files storage features.

Content Management System supports different folder structures, access control and content versions.



With the aid of Dashboards process owners and managers can monitor business process execution throw visual panels with charts and graphics.

Portal supports JSR-168 и JSR-286 specifications and therefore it can be extended with additional functionality.

Process execution Process execution

Process Engine is based on Bonita Open Solution and provides:

  • Process versioning
  • Subprocesses
  • Action iterations
  • Complex types
  • Parallel execution 
  • Event triggers
  • Deadlines
  • Assigning and reassigning
  • Roles
  • Process instances persistence
  • Process archiving